Are You Worried About Losing Your Home? Find Out How You Can Prevent Foreclosure

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 23, 2017

Prevent Foreclosure

If you’re struggling to stay current on your mortgage, you should know what you can do to prevent foreclosure on your home. Be proactive and take the proper steps to prepare for what’s ahead when you fall behind on your mortgage and what you can do to stop it. Your mortgage lender does not want […]

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Instant Curb Appeal On A Budget That Pays Off Big When You Sell Your Home!

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 16, 2017

sell your home

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to sell your home! Since it’s a seller’s market here in Lane County, you can sell your home fast with minor improvements. Motivated buyers look at your home with an eye for what they can do to make it theirs. Simple tricks will improve interior aesthetics. […]

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Is Now The Right Time To Buy A House?

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 9, 2017

right time to buy a house

You already know that the real estate market is hot here in Lane County, but is it really the right time to buy a house? What are your best options for financing, and what does it take to qualify? How much house can you afford? Should you buy a single-family home, or invest in a […]

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Secrets For Selling Your Home Fast

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 2, 2017


Selling your home fast isn’t as easy as it used to be, even here in Lane County. Today’s home buyers are smart and savvy. They know what they want, they know what they want to pay for it, and they know homeowners need them. Television networks like DIY and HGTV show consumers what’s hot in […]

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Get Yourself A Buyer’s Agent And Find Your New Home Fast!

Posted by Brad Larsen // July 27, 2017

buyer's agent

Not too many years ago, buyer’s agents were the gatekeepers to property information that buyers needed when searching for a home. The internet and smart devices change the way we look for available homes. The information that was previously only available through a realtor can be easily had with a quick search on your smart […]

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Six Timely Options For Buying A Home With Little Or No Money Down

Posted by Brad Larsen // July 19, 2017

Buying a Home

Buying a home does not have to be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to financing. Conventional loan mortgages are still the most common home loans, but they normally require a 20% down payment from the borrower. If you qualify for a loan, but don’t have a 20% down payment, there’s good news for […]

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Five Smart Reasons You Should Hire A Realtor

Posted by Brad Larsen // July 12, 2017

hire a realtor

You’re ready to take the plunge into home ownership, but have you thought about why you should hire a realtor? This is likely to be the biggest decision in your life so far, so why wouldn’t you want a trusted professional on your side? Realtors know the ins and outs of buying and selling homes […]

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Five Easy Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value Before You List It

Posted by Brad Larsen // July 5, 2017

increase your home's value

You can work as hard or as little as you’d like to increase your home’s value when you are getting ready to sell it. You can spend thousands of dollars and hours, if you are so inclined, but you can make a few simple improvements that will pay off big when you sell. If you’d […]

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Did You Know Property Investors Working Right Here in the Willamette Valley Will Pay You Cash for Your Home?

Posted by Brad Larsen // June 28, 2017

property investors

 You can sell your home with no closing costs, no inspections, no repairs, no upgrades, just cash on the spot for your home when you work with a property investor! Property investors know that homeowners today face many challenges when it comes to selling their homes. Real estate agents and brokers charge an average of 6% […]

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Falling Behind On Your Mortgage? 3 Foreclosure Scams To Avoid

Posted by Brad Larsen // June 21, 2017

Falling Behind on Your Mortgage

Falling behind on your mortgage can be frightening. Unanticipated financial difficulties leave many homeowners living with the real possibility of losing their home. Losing your job, divorce, a death in the family, and unexpected medical bills are real issues that put families in financial peril every day. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies and individuals are ready to pounce […]

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