Behind On Mortgage: The Lane County Housing Market Can Help

Posted by Brad Larsen // June 7, 2017

behind on

The Lane County housing market is well below the national average in foreclosed homes, but if you are behind on mortgage payments, it can be a frightening prospect for anyone. Job changes, divorces, retirement, and additional expenses are just a few life changes that can have a negative effect on your finances. These emotional tolls […]

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Eugene-Springfield Market: Five Great Reasons to Find a Smart Realtor to Help You Find Your New Home

Posted by Brad Larsen // May 31, 2017

Eugene-Springfield Market

The search for homes in the Eugene-Springfield market can be a daunting task for many. Homes at the entry level are averaging $265K, and that’s a scary figure for young or first-time buyers. Starting out with a huge mortgage may frighten the weak-at-heart, but those who take the time to partner with a realtor will […]

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Seller Financing Is A Win-Win, Even In Tight Markets Like Ours

Posted by Brad Larsen // May 24, 2017

Are you looking at homes for sale in Eugene, but your financial situation doesn’t fit into the neat little banker boxes available from a lender? Maybe you’re a seller who’s motivated to distinguish your home from all the others in order to close faster? The benefits of seller financing can be attractive to buyers and […]

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Invest In Your Home – Five Smart Reasons Why It’s A Great Time To Rent Your Home

Posted by Brad Larsen // May 19, 2017

invest in your home

Homes for sale are scarce in Eugene, making this an exciting time for you to invest in your home as a source of income. Opportunities abound for forward-thinkers who are willing to offer their own home for a piece of real estate gold. Our diverse geography and lush climate make Eugene one of the best […]

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Multi-Family Homes in Eugene, Oregon Provide Alternatives

Posted by Brad Larsen // May 11, 2017

Homes in Eugene, Oregon

Multi-family homes in Eugene, Oregon provide choices to residents who are looking for starter homes, or even for those looking to downsize. They provide a smaller footprint for those who don’t need big yards or want lots of space. Multi-family homes are smart options for accommodating a growing population. They offer viable and positive solutions […]

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Need To Sell a House Quick? Call an Investor!

Posted by Brad Larsen // May 4, 2017

Did you know you can call an investor if you need to sell a house quick? The real estate profession has changed dramatically in recent years. Traditional realtors and brokers are not your only choice for professional assistance in selling your home. Real estate investors are professionals who work in your community, buying homes from […]

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Five Ways To Improve Your Credit Score Before Looking for a New Home

Posted by Brad Larsen // April 27, 2017

Credit Score

If you think you’re ready for home ownership or you want to purchase a different home in the next year, here are five ways to improve your credit score now. Ensuring that your credit report is free of errors and that it contains mostly positive information makes you a credit-worthy consumer. That makes you a banker’s […]

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Homes For Sale – Eugene / Springfield: Try These Six Tips To Sell Your House Fast!

Posted by Brad Larsen // April 20, 2017

house for sale

Homes for sale in Eugene and Springfield certainly don’t stay on the market for long these days. Even so, there are things you can do to make the sale of your house go smoothly and quickly. The first thing that you’ll want to do is price your house well. While there is no real magic […]

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Fierce Competition for Homes in Eugene

Posted by Brad Larsen // April 12, 2017

Homes for sale in Eugene, Oregon, are going fast!  Seattle and Eugene, which are coincidentally both called the Emerald City, are both making the national headlines for housing shortages. The housing shortage that has gripped the local housing market for the last couple years is not going to end soon.  Homes for sale in Eugene […]

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Cool Home Additions To Bank On

Posted by Brad Larsen // April 6, 2017

What cool, yet unconventional, home additions can homeowners and real estate investors add for additional appeal to their property?  Adding the right improvements can result in huge profits for any investor. Home additions and improvements are constantly a source of controversy in the real estate community. Green real estate investors and regular homeowners frequently and […]

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