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Eyeball That Credit Report

Have you looked at your credit report lately? You should pull it every year to check for errors, but it's especially important to pull it if you're trying to improve your credit score. Why not make January your month to…


Time To Sell Your Home!

If you've been thinking about selling your home, you might want to hop off the fence and get busy. The U.S. is still experiencing a housing shortage and it's making it hard for buyers across the nation to find a…


Refinancing Can Boost Your Credit Score!

Refinancing your home can save you a lot of money, but believe it or not, it can really improve your credit score.  You already know that refinancing can put money in your pocket with a better interest rate and better…


Foreclosure Isn’t The End

There’s no shame in falling behind on your mortgage. It happens more frequently than you might think, but you have to ask for help when you need it. Thankfully, your mortgage company is more than willing to help you through…


Who Needs A Home Inspection?

Whether buying or selling a home, you need a home inspection! Checking a home's structural integrity and overall safety should be a priority for all involved parties, especially for the buyer since it provides the opportunity to discover major and…


Time To Buy A House!

It's very exciting when you decide to buy a house, but the process can be intimidating if you've never done it before. Once you do a little research and better understand what's involved, you’ll be glad to start the journey…


Consider Refinancing Your Home

Refinancing your home despite volatile interest rates might work to your advantage. There are many good reasons to consider it, like shortening the length of your mortgage or accessing your home's equity.  Some homeowners might want to access equity to…


Why Not Rent-To-Own?

Rent-to-own, or lease purchase, is a home-buying option that doesn't get a lot of attention, but it's one you might want to consider.  You and the homeowner agree to a contract that sets a closing date in the future, usually…


Thinking About Renting Your Home?

If you're on the fence about renting your home or selling it, talk to a realtor. Selling is typically a long term option and renting is a more temporary solution, but a litte research will go a long way, so…


Should You Refinance Your Home Now?

It may be hard to believe, but we're officially in the last quarter of 2023, and the question of whether to refinance your home now or wait until next year is one that you'll need to consider soon.  While inflation…