Keep Your Home Safe From Foreclosure With These Helpful Tips

Posted by Brad Larsen // January 15, 2020


Are you asking yourself how to keep your home safe from foreclosure? Despite our rising economy, many Americans are still facing financial difficulties. No matter how hopeless it may seem, you have options. You should always keep your lender informed if you’re having trouble making your monthly mortgage payment. Explain to the bank officer why […]

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Do You Know All The Steps To Buying Your First House?

Posted by Brad Larsen // September 25, 2019


Buying your first house is exciting and scary all at the same time. But once you understand the process, you’ll be glad to start house-hunting. Owning a home is part and parcel of the American dream. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back! Get Your Finances in Order If you’re already on top […]

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Negotiating With Your Banker Now Will Stop Foreclosure And Allow You To Stay in Your Home

Posted by Brad Larsen // September 18, 2019


You can stop foreclosure simply by calling your banker. Your bank does not want to foreclose on your home. It’s as much in their best interest as in your own to keep you in your home. They value their relationship with you and they want to preserve it. It may feel like the bank does […]

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Quick! Check Your Credit Score Before Your Bank Does!

Posted by Brad Larsen // September 4, 2019


If you think you’re ready to buy a house, you’re going to want to check your credit score. And, you should make sure to check it before your lender does. Ensuring that your credit report is free of errors and that it contains mostly positive information makes you a credit-worthy consumer. That makes you a […]

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How Millennial Home Preference Is Driving The Current Housing Market

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 28, 2019


Millennial home preference is changing up the current housing market! In fact, Millennial consumerism is keeping most industries on their toes. Their spending habits puzzle marketers and researchers alike. One minute, Millennials embrace traditionalism and the next, they completely reject it. The Millennial Generation, generally considered to have been born between 1980-1996, currently make up […]

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Find A Great Real Estate Agent and Find Your New Home Fast!

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 21, 2019


Not too many years ago, a great real estate agent was the gatekeeper to the property information that buyers needed when searching for a home. With the onset of the internet and smart devices anyone can easily find a home for sale. So, what does a real estate agent do nowadays? Real estate agents represent […]

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Smart Investors Are Buying Multi-Family Properties And Getting Great Returns!

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 14, 2019

multi-family properties

Multi-family properties are the way to go for a fast return on your property investment. Housing shortages still affect Eugene as well as many other regions of the country. Multi-family properties help provide reliable housing for folks who aren’t ready to own and for those waiting for the right property to buy. Your investment in […]

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Talk To Your Lender To Find Out How To Stop Foreclosure Immediately

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 7, 2019


Are worries about foreclosure keeping you awake at night? If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payment, you’re not alone. There are many who never expected to find themselves in the of struggling to make their monthly mortgage. As of June, 2019, almost 50 million Americans are facing foreclosure in the U.S. The foreclosure process […]

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Unusual Home Financing Tips That Will Get You Into The Home You Want Fast!

Posted by Brad Larsen // July 31, 2019


Lucky for you, home financing has gotten a lot easier! The old restrictive options may have worked for a lot of years, but new technologies and fresh perspectives are changing the way banks do business. When it comes to paying for a new home, you can never have too many financing options. Sit back and […]

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Your Credit Score Makes A Huge Difference In How Much You Will Pay for Your New Home

Posted by Brad Larsen // July 24, 2019


Did you know that your credit score can make an enormous difference when you’re ready to buy a house? You’re asking for a loan for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you’re asking a lender to give you 15-30 years to pay it off. The interest rate you pay will dramatically affect what […]

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