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Unusual Home Financing

You can never have too many home financing options at your fingertips, so put on your thinking cap and start reeling in financing tips. Tap Your Retirement Fund You may be allowed to borrow up to $50K or 50% of…


How To Finance A Home

If you're curious about how to finance a home, we have you covered. It might seem overwhelming at first, but researching which products work the best for your financial situation is worth the time. Knowledge is power, so sit back…


How To Fix Your Credit Score

If you think you’re ready for home ownership or you want to purchase a different home in the next year, you need to take a look at your credit score. Ensuring that your credit report is free of errors and…


Easy Upgrades That Add Value To Your Home

Simple improvements can add much value to your home without costing a fortune.  The key to selling your home fast and for the price you want is to make it look like it was made for your buyer  Remember that…


Finance Your New Home!

When you're ready to finance your new home, you have more options than you probably think you do! We have a list of clever financing tips for you, so kick back and take notes! Leverage Your Retirement Fund Talk to…


Sell Your Home Fast!

If you’re ready to sell your home, we have some tips for you to sell at the best price! Simple home improvements can make or break a great selling price. You can spend a lot on home improvements but if…


Is Renting-To-Own Right For You?

Renting-to-own a home is also known as a lease purchase. It’s a contract between you and a seller that sets a closing date at a future, mutually agreed-upon closing date. Often, the closing date is set sometime between one and…


Selling Your Home Vs. Renting

Renting is a no-brainer if you want to put more money in your pocket every month. Thinking about selling your home? Realtors advise selling in the spring and summer when the market is more active, and sellers are motivated to…


Your Credit Score Is More Important Than Ever

Home mortgage rates have been on the rise and that makes your credit score even more important when you look for a new home. The difference between a great credit score and a good one is tens of thousands of…


Simple Kitchen Updates That Sell Your Home Fast!

Show-stopping homes don’t always feature huge decks and vaulted ceilings. Buyers want to look at clean, uncluttered spaces and imagine themselves living in your home, so simple updates that don’t cost a lot of money can sell your home fast.…