Re-Thinking Your Home Financing Options: Renting-To-Own Never Looked So Good!

Posted by Brad Larsen // October 17, 2018


These days, home financing options are plenty. Good credit or bad, you have many choices when it comes to purchasing a home. One option that doesn’t get a lot of attention is renting-to-own. Rent-to-own is also known as a lease purchase. It’s a contract between you and the seller which sets a closing date at […]

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You Can Improve Your Credit Score Fast With These Smart Tips

Posted by Brad Larsen // October 10, 2018


If you want to buy a home, you’ve got a great reason to improve your credit score. Like it or not, a borrower’s credit history dictates what kind of mortgage the bank will approve. Average credit scores are on the rise, a sure sign of recovery for the American economy after The Great Recession of […]

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Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute! Save Your Home With A Mortgage Loan Modification!

Posted by Brad Larsen // October 3, 2018


If you’re worried about foreclosure, you can save your home with a mortgage loan modification. What’s more, there is a federal rule that prevents banks from pursuing foreclosure while a homeowner’s mortgage is under review for modification. Dual tracking is a process wherein your mortgage company continues a foreclosure while simultaneously considering a mortgage loan […]

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Three Proven Ways You Can Flip A House For The Most Profit

Posted by Brad Larsen // September 19, 2018


Think you can flip a house and make a load of money? It seems all the rage now, with TV shows on HGTV showing seemingly regular folks flipping homes for unbelievable profit. But there’s a lot you need to know before even thinking of jumping into the flipping business. What is House Flipping? Real estate […]

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You Won’t Believe The Incredible Returns When You Invest In A Rental!

Posted by Brad Larsen // September 12, 2018


If you want to invest in a rental, the time is great! Residential rentals are averaging long-term returns of 7%, nudging out equities coming in at 6.95%. Bonds and bills are no where near those numbers. Private equity funds are investing in foreclosed homes and turning them into rentals. They’re also providing landlord loans to […]

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Here’s The Skinny On How You Can Attract and Keep Great Tenants In Your Rental

Posted by Brad Larsen // September 5, 2018


If you own rental property, you know you need to keep great tenants if you want to prosper. The good news is that in 2018, more people are renting than in the last 50 years. The Pew Research Center says that 36.6 percent of U.S. households are renting. That’s the most renters in the country […]

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Stop Foreclosure Now When You Ask Your Lender For Help With Mortgage Modification

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 22, 2018


Did you know you can stop foreclosure by asking your lender for help? Lenders understand that most homeowners don’t want to be late on their house payment. Banks don’t want you to fall behind either. They have as much to lose as the homeowner. Many banks are actively working with homeowners to help them re-work […]

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The Time Is Right For You To Buy A Home Now Before Mortgage Rates Jump Again

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 15, 2018


Mortgage rates fell from 4.75% to 4.73% last week and if you’re in the market to buy a home, you should really think about jumping in now. Rates were on the rise in 2018, with the average in May at 4.86%, up from 3.90% a year ago. And they’re expected to rise again in 2018. […]

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Don’t Listen To Them! Your Bad Credit Score Won’t Stop You From Buying A Home!

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 8, 2018


If your bad credit score keeps you up at night, there’s good news! First, you can start improving your credit score today. Working on your credit is always a good thing, so review your credit report and start a plan to improve it. The most important thing for you to know about your credit report […]

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Think Outside the Real Estate Financing Box: Unique Mortgage Loans That Can Solve Your Financing Problems

Posted by Brad Larsen // July 31, 2018


Real estate financing doesn’t always fit into a familiar box. Loan products from your local bank and government entities like FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac have long enjoyed popularity, but borrowers have other choices, too. Not every borrower fits into the nice, neat profile that many lenders must use to meet government regulations. Lucky for […]

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