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Clever Home Financing Tips To Ease Your Worries

When it comes to paying for your home, you can never have too many home financing tips under your belt. Whether you’re ready to buy a home in Eugene, or you already own one, check out our list of clever…


You Can Improve Your Credit Score Faster Than You Think!

When you know how lenders use your credit score and report, it’s easy to improve your credit score! Although it won’t happen overnight, (you didn’t create your credit history overnight, afterall) you can make a major improvement in relatively little…

Homes In Eugene, Oregon

Multi-Family Homes in Eugene, Oregon Provide Alternatives

Multi-family homes in Eugene, Oregon provide choices to residents who are looking for starter homes, or even for those looking to downsize. They provide a smaller footprint for those who don't need big yards or want lots of space. Multi-family…