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Rent Your Home!

Have you thought about renting your home? Renting is a perfect option for anyone looking for less responsibility. Buying a home can involve serious saving and commitment, but renting can help maintain flexibility and lifestyle. In addition, there are some…

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Improve Your Credit Score

There’s good news on the horizon if you want to improve your credit score. Consumers will soon see a boost because FICO and Experian will soon include personal bank accounts and utility bills history in credit score calculations. Current credit…

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Buying Your First House

Buying your first house is exciting and scary all at the same time. But once you understand the process, you’ll be glad to start house-hunting. Owning a home is part and parcel of the American dream. Don’t let fear of…

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Millennials Change The Way We Sell Homes

Millennial consumerism is keeping most industries on their toes. Their spending habits puzzle marketers and researchers alike. One minute, Millennials embrace traditionalism, and the next, they completely reject it. The Millennial Generation, generally considered to have been born between 1980-1996,…

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