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Real estate investors are professionals who work in your community, buying homes from residents who want or need to sell fast.

No longer marketing only the “We Buy Ugly Homes” ads, real estate investors are reputable professionals helping homeowners achieve quick resolution to sometimes stressful and unexpected financial issues. Investors pay cash, and they will buy any home, no matter the physical condition or mortgage status.

The reasons that someone may need to sell a property quickly are as varied as the individuals themselves. A real estate investor has access to tools, including cash, to buy your home and help you resolve financial issues or burdens that may be associated with your property.


Family dynamics change, sometimes unexpectedly. Two individuals may choose to consolidate homes after marriage or deciding to live together. Divorces may mean that property has to be sold quickly to settle legal challenges. The headache of moving property is easily resolved with a professional investor to guide you through how to sell a house quick and deliver cash in hand at closing.

Financial Issues

If you are falling behind on your house payments or you’re in danger of foreclosure, call an investor immediately. Defaulting on a mortgage is a difficult financial setback to overcome and will stay with you for a couple of years.  Foreclosure stays on your credit history  for up to ten years. Sell fast and get out from under your mortgage with cash in your hand to put down on a new home.

Job Transfers

One common reason a homeowner may need to sell their home quickly is relocation because of a job transfer or change. Starting over in a new community is stressful. Moving, signing kids up for a new school, and commuting in a new town or neighborhood all add to that stress. Being responsible for two mortgages is additional stress that can be easily avoided by contacting an investor and selling your old home before you even move. Cash at the time of sale can help with the down payment on your new place or to help with moving expenses.


You’ve finally reached retirement! Maybe you’re interested in a planned retirement community with golf courses and daily social events, or maybe you want to move to be closer to family. Whatever your desires, an investor will help buy your home now and pay you cash.  Consequently, you can start your next adventure in life!


If your home has accrued a lot of value over the years, you might want to sell it fast just for the equity. Sometimes there’s peace of mind and freedom in a bigger bank account. If you’re looking for the security of a cash sale, a real estate investor can make that dream a reality.

Other Reasons You May Need to Sell A House Quick:

  • There is a title issue
  • Tax liens
  • Rental property liquidation
  • Expensive rehab/modernization

Local investors live in your community and have a vested interest in helping homeowners and improving their neighborhoods. They have extensive knowledge and expertise of local conditions that are affecting homeowners and buyers. If an investor improves the property, it creates jobs, increases the surrounding home values, and increases the tax base for our crumbling infrastructure.  It’s a win-win for all involved!

The Bottom Line

Real estate investors specialize in helping homeowners sell fast.  They network with many other real estate professionals in your area to make the best offer for you. From real estate agents to mortgage professionals to contractors, investors are connected! If you, a family member, or a friend need help selling fast, call your local investor.