Find A Great Real Estate Agent and Find Your New Home Fast!

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 21, 2019


Not too many years ago, a great real estate agent was the gatekeeper to the property information that buyers needed when searching for a home. With the onset of the internet and smart devices anyone can easily find a home for sale. So, what does a real estate agent do nowadays? Real estate agents represent […]

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Smart Investors Are Buying Multi-Family Properties And Getting Great Returns!

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 14, 2019

multi-family properties

Multi-family properties are the way to go for a fast return on your property investment. Housing shortages still affect Eugene as well as many other regions of the country. Multi-family properties help provide reliable housing for folks who aren’t ready to own and for those waiting for the right property to buy. Your investment in […]

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Talk To Your Lender To Find Out How To Stop Foreclosure Immediately

Posted by Brad Larsen // August 7, 2019


Are worries about foreclosure keeping you awake at night? If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payment, you’re not alone. There are many who never expected to find themselves in the of struggling to make their monthly mortgage. As of June, 2019, almost 50 million Americans are facing foreclosure in the U.S. The foreclosure process […]

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Unusual Home Financing Tips That Will Get You Into The Home You Want Fast!

Posted by Donna Welbaum // July 31, 2019


Lucky for you, home financing has gotten a lot easier! The old restrictive options may have worked for a lot of years, but new technologies and fresh perspectives are changing the way banks do business. When it comes to paying for a new home, you can never have too many financing options. Sit back and […]

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Your Credit Score Makes A Huge Difference In How Much You Will Pay for Your New Home

Posted by Brad Larsen // July 24, 2019


Did you know that your credit score can make an enormous difference when you’re ready to buy a house? You’re asking for a loan for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you’re asking a lender to give you 15-30 years to pay it off. The interest rate you pay will dramatically affect what […]

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Start Out Right When You Begin Your Home Search With A Pre-Approval From Your Banker

Posted by Brad Larsen // July 17, 2019


Buying a home is scary but it’s even scarier if you don’t begin your home search by asking your lender to pre-approve your mortgage. Imagine walking into the grocery store without your wallet. That’s essentially what you’re doing without pre-approved financing for a home. Your bank pre-approves you after they verify your financial information and […]

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Check Out These Sharp Tips For Improving Your Credit Score!

Posted by Donna Welbaum // July 3, 2019


Improving your credit score was never more important! Like it or not, a borrower’s credit history dictates what kind of mortgage the bank will approve. Average credit scores are on the rise, a sure sign of recovery for the American economy after The Great Recession of 2007.  Americans are finding their financial footing again, with […]

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You Can Stop Foreclosure In Its Tracks By Making One Phone Call

Posted by Brad Larsen // June 12, 2019


Did you know you can stop foreclosure almost immediately when you call your bank? Your banker doesn’t want to foreclose. In fact, the bank hates foreclosure almost as much as you. Your Bank Is In Business To Make Money Just like any other business, a bank is in business to make money. The way they […]

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Increase Your Home’s Value Before You Call Your Realtor

Posted by Brad Larsen // May 29, 2019


You can work as hard or as little as you’d like to increase your home’s value when you are getting ready to sell it. You can spend thousands of dollars and hours, if you are so inclined, but you can make a few simple improvements that will pay off big when you sell. If you’d […]

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Increase Your Home Value With These Easy Home Improvements

Posted by Donna Welbaum // May 15, 2019


You can increase your home value with simple solutions that won’t cost a fortune. Making the most of your home’s unique features can go a long way to making a lasting impression to the right buyer. The key to selling your home fast and for the price you want is to make it look like […]

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