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Refinance While You Can

Should you refinance your mortgage? Interest rates are trending up, but they're still at historic lows. If your current mortgage interest rate is higher than the current rate, then you should absolutely refinance your home loan. Another reason to refinance…


Keep An Eye On Your Credit Score

If you're thinking about buying a house or any other major expense that you're planning to finance, you'll want your credit in good standing when the bank pulls your credit report.  Keeping an eye on your credit score should be…


Don’t Let Rising Mortgage Rates Stop You

Don't be alarmed by rising mortgage rates. Rates are definitely on the rise compared to a year ago, with current rates at a current average of 5.25%. But even though buying a home in 2022 is more expensive than it…


Spruce Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal!

Spring is here, time to freshen up your home's curb appeal! First impressions matter, especially when it comes to selling your home. Your home’s exterior appeal plays a major role in buyer interest so give them a reason to stop…


Buying A Home Is A Sound Investment

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime and one that can bring you many benefits. Real estate is still a hot market, especially in our area of the country, but the stress…


5 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

Ensuring that your credit report is free of errors and that it contains mostly positive information makes you a credit-worthy consumer. That makes you a banker’s favorite and gives you the confidence to bid on the home you want at…


Are You Ready To Buy A House?

Understanding the home-buying process puts you in the best position when you're ready to buy a house. Whether it's your first or your tenth, preparation is the key to your success. First, Straighten Out Your Finances If you’re already on…


The Value of a Home Inspection

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you have a vested interest in a home inspection. Both parties should appreciate a thorough investigation of a home’s structure and safety before entering into an agreement for sale. The home inspection process…


5 Signs It’s Time To Downsize

You might not actively think that it’s time to downsize your home, after all, it feels like just yesterday when the kids were running around and amuck with all their friends and you were throwing dinner parties inside and pool…


5 Ways To Invest in Rental Property

It’s time for you to invest in rental property. Investing in real estate generates additional income for you each month, strengthening your financial position now and in the future. Residential rentals are averaging long-term returns of 7%, nudging out equities…