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Kitchens and baths may make or break closing on a new home but remember that it’s the little things that seal the really sell your home.  Small comforts add big value for the right buyer, so if you love the little nooks and crannies of your home, showcase them for potential buyers!

Home Security Is A Big Seller!

Home security is getting cheaper every day. You can purchase plug-in cameras or, if you’re handy, hard-wired ones from Amazon or Walmart for less than a couple hundred dollars. Use an app loaded on your phone to manage them and you’re all set with valuable peace of mind that you will also ease the mind of future buyers. Place a couple inside your home and then position a couple more to view entryways and the garage, or anywhere on your property that could benefit from more security.

Remote Workers Are The Future!

Americans are working from home now more than ever before and even if they’re not technically considered a remote worker, they’re working from home at least a few hours every week. Office space is an attractive option to many buyers. A fast way to increase your home value is to transform an existing room or space into a home office area. Switching out a small bedroom or siphoning off part of a larger community space to make room for an office is very simple and inexpensive. Keep it clean and open. Add a simple desk, chair, and shelf, and it’s ready for someone to sit down and get to work.

There’s Never Enough Closet Space!

If your home is short on storage, try creating space when you sell it. Move as much as you can out of your closets. Seriously, leave only a few things in there to make it look as roomy as possible for open houses. If the closets are big, consider adding shelving to make the most of the available space. Buyers are looking for room to grow, so give them as much as possible. Add shelves and cabinets wherever you can, in the kitchen, the bathroom, bedrooms, and the garage, too.

The Bottom Line

All of these easy upgrades will add value to your home and increase its value to potential buyers.  In addition, keep in mind that spotless surfaces and fresh paint brighten every inch of your home, so don’t skimp on the cleaning. Increase lighting throughout your home, trying to achieve 100 watts of light for every 50 square feet.  Add accent lamps and reading lamps where you can, too.  Group furniture for conversation areas, or for specific tasks such as reading or working on the computer. Keep your main colors neutral, but don’t forget to add splashes of color with accent pillows, comforters, and wall art. Add vases of flowers where they will be easily seen.

Making the most of your home’s unique floor plan or creating extra room can go a long way to making a lasting impression on a buyer. Jump in with both feet to make your home the next one to sell in your neighborhood.