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If you’re ready to sell your home, we have some tips for you to sell at the best price! Simple home improvements can make or break a great selling price. You can spend a lot on home improvements but if you focus on what buyers want, you’ll sell your home even faster.

Consult a Realtor

First things first: Hire a realtor. You might not think you need a realtor but trust us, you do. Realtors understand your town’s market, right down to your street in your town. You want an expert like that going to bat for you in marketing your home for a quick and lucrative sale. Contact a local realtor for some valuable advice on what buyers are looking for in your neighborhood. Take notes, and then get started.

It’s All In The Details

It may seem obvious, but we’re going to say it anyway. The fastest way to increase the value of your home is to make it so clean that it doesn’t look like anyone lives there. Buyers immediately notice dirty carpet, dingy walls, and yellowed and graying tile grout. Go the extra distance on this one, it will pay off big. Cleaning supplies don’t cost much, and even if you replace some carpet, the return will more than pay for the investment. Pay attention to little things like cabinet fronts and furnace vents. Potential buyers will notice closet doors, built-in shelving, door jambs, window sills, and ceiling fans, even if you haven’t noticed them in months.

Kitchens Sell

Update your faucets and cabinet hardware. Scrub the sinks. Remove everything you possibly can from your countertops, and scrub them, too. Wash backsplashes until they shine. Replace or clean every light bulb and light cover or shade. Dust the tops of every shelf and appliance. Apply fresh paint or varnish to cabinets and apply oil for a nice finish to wooden finishes. Clean your appliances until they look new, even if they’re not staying in the home. You will increase the value of your home just by making your kitchen look like the new owner can cook a meal in it the first night they own it.

Paint It!

A fresh coat of paint on every wall will make your home look new again. Paint your porch and shutters, too. Behind cleaning, buying paint is the least expensive way to increase the value of your home. Pick neutral colors and buy quality paint. Don’t forget to touch up door jambs and window sills, too. Paint your front door a solid bold color and welcome your home’s new owner!


It is surprising how quickly we collect objects in our homes. Depending on how long you’ve lived at your current address, your house could be brimming with collectibles. If you’re planning on moving anyway, start removing as much as you can. It’s not clutter to you, but you want buyers to envision themselves making a home here, so start making space. Start with closets. Get rid of most of the clothes and other items that you’re storing in your closets. Then look at each individual room and focus on minimizing what’s taking up space. Pictures, old furniture, and anything that you can move out of the room to make it look bigger will increase the value of your home by making it appear ready for a new buyer’s possessions.

The Bottom Line

Performing these relatively small tasks now will pay off big later.  You’ll sell your home fast when you make it look like a new buyer’s castle!