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Hire A Realtor

Do you know why you should hire a realtor when you’re ready to sell your home? A real estate professional is just that: A Professional. Realtors are property experts. They guide you through the sale of your house, putting their education and experience to work for you. A great agent gives you peace of mind.

Here a just a few other ways that realtors make selling your home a snap:

Hire A Realtor to Gauge Market Conditions

There’s no doubt that homes are flying off the market as quickly as they hit the market here in Eugene, but that doesn’t mean you should pass up expert help. Realtors know the Eugene market inside and out. They know who’s selling and who’s buying. Realtors know what folks are looking for and where they’re looking. This is all information that you need when you are selling. You’ll want to consider things such as average cost per square foot and average days on market median sales prices, and other industry data available at a professional’s fingertips.

Hire A Realtor to be Your Advocate

Your realtor represents you. Whether acting as a buffer between interested buyers or providing technical information to inspectors, your agent is your point person. Having an expert to guide through contract review and banking documents reduces stress and allows you the time to consider terms and offers.

Hire a Realtor for Neighborhood Know-How

Real estate agents live and work in your town and they have intimate knowledge of what’s happening in your neighborhood. They know which homes are selling, which ones have fallen out of escrow, how many upgrades have been made on homes, and industry info such as new builders coming into the area. Realtors know every house on every street. They know the best schools and which businesses are growing. Put their experience to work for you!

Hire a Realtor for Connections

A realtor’s professional network can save you time and energy. They can recommend inspectors, home improvement experts such as roofers and painters, and title companies, just to name a few. If you are looking for competitive pricing, efficiency, or competency, your realtor can point you in the right direction.

Hire a Realtor as Your Negotiator

When you work with a realtor, you get the benefit of their vast negotiation experience. Agents know a good deal when they see one, and they can guide you to make the best deal. They have negotiation leverage with buyers, but they also have experience with other service contractors, such as banks and title companies. Your realtor knows the going rate for most services and can advise you in obtaining quality service at reasonable rates.

Hire a Realtor for Promotion

Your realtor knows how to do many things, the best of which is how to sell your home! As experts in marking, real estate agents promote your property via their network online, in print, and in person. Agents advertise to buyers who will buy. They are well-versed in all marketing channels and have incentive to sell your home at the best price as quickly as possible.

Hire a Relator to Sell Your House!

Selling your home is likely one of the largest transactions of your life. A realtor’s full-time job is to sell your home. It’s in their best interest to sell it fast and at a great price. Realtors help you stage your home, have professional photos taken for marketing, and use their network to promote your home. They save you time and energy and give you the best chance of selling your home quickly. What’s keeping you from calling your realtor today?