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Property Investors

 You can sell your home with no closing costs, no inspections, no repairs, no upgrades, just cash on the spot for your home when you work with a property investor!

Property investors know that homeowners today face many challenges when it comes to selling their homes. Real estate agents and brokers charge an average of 6% of the sale and the listing agent and buying agent split that fee. Additional costs to selling a home are upgrades to the structure, such as roof, siding and spouting, windows and porches, and foundations and basements. Furnace and air conditioning replacement or repairs are sometimes needed, too. Add to that upgrades in landscaping and interior repairs or painting, and other aesthetic concerns and the cost of selling the average home can easily climb into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Property investors will buy your home as-is. No repairs, dressing up, waiting for a buyer, paying for ads, or staging your home is required for a fast sale. Property investors do not charge a fee to buy your home. They pay the homeowner directly for the full price of the sale.

Distressed Homes

Looming foreclosure or a home in disrepair without the ability to maintain it are a couple examples of distressed homes. Property investors have the means to quickly pull a distressed homeowner out of a difficult mortgage situation. An investor can provide almost instant financial relief for the owner and gives them the ability to avoid taking a hard hit to their credit history. The ability to walk away from a mortgage with the freedom to buy or rent again is a strong incentive to consider a property investor’s services.

Property investors will buy your home in any condition. They in turn invest in upgrading the home, if necessary, and then re-selling. A homeowner can sell a distressed home to the investor and then qualify for a home that the investor is selling. All without the additional costs of real estate agent fees and paying to update a new home after purchase.

Any Home, Any Reason

Some homeowners are locked into mortgages with unfavorable terms. High interest rates or adjustable rate mortgages sometimes mean expensive monthly payments that owners are no longer able to afford. Upside down mortgages, or homes that are worth less than the outstanding loan on them, are also a reason that a homeowner would want to cash out his or her home.

Additionally, you may want to talk to a property investor if:

  • Struggling with monthly mortgage payments
  • Relocating
  • Dealing with unemployment
  • Going through divorce
  • Have had fire or storm damage
  • Thinking about retirement
  • Own a vacant home
  • You or a loved one has health issues
  • You have pending lawsuits
  • You’ve inherited property
  • You are a landlords who wants out of the rental business
  • You want to liquidate real estate for any financial reason

Property Investors Provide Immediate Relief

Selling your home quickly may alleviate a lot of stress. Things to consider while you wait to sell your home:

  • Homes sometimes don’t sell as fast or as conveniently as the homeowner likes or needs. If your home doesn’t sell in a conventional real estate contract within 30 days, you’ve lost market momentum. Stale houses can linger on the market, even in Lane county.
  • Keeping your home available for showings disrupts your family’s lifestyle. Also, keeping everything clean and tidy and perfect for drop by viewings is inconvenient.
  • You are responsible for all your home’s expenses until you sell it, so if you are already struggling financially, monthly utilities only add to your stress level.
  • If foreclosure is looming, you may be fielding a lot of calls from unscrupulous agents. These agents are relentless in their attempts to pressure you into unfavorable agreements to prevent foreclosure.
  • If you’re trying to sell a home so you can relocate, every day you wait for a sale is another day take you wait to start your new life.
  • Public notice of foreclosure means your neighbors and friends will know about your financial difficulties.
  • Selling your home today provides immediate freedom from the responsibility of your home.

A Fresh Start

You have many options when it comes to selling your home. Reputable real estate professionals abound in our region and they are all qualified to assist you. The only one who can close the sale of your home within a few days with a check made payable to you is a property investor.

Find your financial freedom! Call us today for a free consultation about your home’s value!