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House For Sale

Homes for sale in Eugene and Springfield certainly don’t stay on the market for long these days. Even so, there are things you can do to make the sale of your house go smoothly and quickly. The first thing that you’ll want to do is price your house well. While there is no real magic formula, there is a bit of an “art” to pricing your house to sell. Your realtor will assess the value of homes similar to yours in your area and also consider your current mortgage balance. Calculating proceeds due at sale, costs to get your home ready to sell, and what the realistic figure is to get you into a new house are also key factors. This is where your realtor’s intimate knowledge of homes in Lane County will make quick work of setting the right price for your neighborhood.

Your realtor will also have terrific tips on staging for appeal, but no one knows your home better than you, so think of yourself as a salesperson, because you are! Share the news that you’ve listed your home for sale everyone you know. Your friends and family can step up with a fair amount of advertising for you, and so will neighbors and business acquaintances, too. Let everyone in your circle know open house dates. Be quick to answer questions about pricing, financing, square footage, and neighborhood perks and quirks. Refer serious questions to your realtor for expert advice.

After you and your realtor have answered those questions, take a look at these 6 steps that will make your home the one that buyers can’t resist.

Curb Appeal This is the one that you hear the most about, and for good reason. When looking for a new home, many people already have a good idea of the neighborhood they’d like to live in, and they’re likely to do a drive-by to check out available properties. Don’t underestimate the value of a good first impression! The idea is not to break your bank, but to make your house look like the best house in the neighborhood when potential buyers cruise by.  Things like power-washing your siding, as well as your driveway and sidewalk, really spruce up your curbside. Check your house number to see that it’s easily seen and read from the street. Invest in some landscaping if you need it. Your lawn should always look freshly-mowed and flowers should be well-tended, too. Invest in some blooming flowers if you don’t already have some.

Front Porch If you have a front porch, make the most it. Many people love the idea of sitting outside on a comfortable swing or a cozy rocker, so make your porch the place they want to be. Make sure all your lawn furniture looks fresh and well-kept. Paint your swing and chairs if you need to or replace them if you can’t. A welcoming door mat and lots of potted plants in hanging baskets or arranged on the porch railing or steps will really give your home a friendly look that many will find appealing. Keeping the porch lit in the evening is also a sure bet to make your home look warm and inviting.

Clean, Clean, Clean Everyone thinks they knows this one, but it really can’t be said enough. It’s going to be inconvenient, but you really do not want to miss an opportunity to really “wow” someone with your home’s natural appeal. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or clutter throughout the house. Scrub tubs and toilets, clean walls and door frames. Dust ceiling fans, make sure all floors are spotless, and clean or replace carpet if you can. Keep all beds made, make sure windows sparkle, and doors shine. Condition all indoor wood with a quality oil or wood conditioner, including tables, woodwork, and doors. Dust the top of the refrigerator and clean behind the stove. Cleaning is the cheapest and easiest work you will invest in the sale of your home, so don’t skimp.

Open Closets Most people are going to open closet doors to get an idea of the available storage. If a potential buyer can imagine themselves living in your home, you have already increased your chances on selling to them. If your closets are stuffed, you should remove as much as you can possibly live without so that they look like there’s room for more. Your buyer wants to envision the closet filled with their clothes and shoes, so give them room. It is worth the investment to temporarily store your items elsewhere. For some buyers, lack of closet space is a deal breaker, so make the most of your space.

Room To Grow Once you’ve got the cleaning caught up, try walking around your home with a fresh eye.  You can even have a family member or friend help you. If your family room looks small or crowded, consider rearranging the furniture, or even removing some of it to make it look less cluttered. Now is the time to be critical. Pretend you’re seeing every room for the first time, and then make changes to make your home more inviting. If you have a lot of personal items such as pictures or paintings, you should consider removing them and opening up walls and mantles and tabletops. Same with your  bedrooms, especially the master bedroom. Try moving your personal items and tidy up dressing rooms and vanity areas.

Let There Be Light After everything is clean, clear, and uncluttered, bring on the light! Mood lighting will entice wanderers to explore all the different corners of your home. Look for dark spots and add some lamps if you need to. Showcase the natural lighting in your home by opening up blinds and curtains. Make sure you’re using the highest wattage bulbs for every lamp and fixture in your home. Buyers will be flipping light switches to test the light, so you want everything as bright as it can be!

Whatever you do, don’t be overwhelmed! These are all mostly little jobs that are going to pay off big for you when your house sells. Everyone in the family should be responsible for one or two chores every day. Keeping everything clean will soon be second nature to everyone in your house. Remember, you want every potential buyer to picture themselves living in your home, and first impressions really do matter. The more appealing you can make your home to a buyer, the faster you’re going to be closing a sale.