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Still A Great Time To Sell Your Home In Eugene


If you’re on the fence about listing your home, you should know that now is still a great time to sell your home in Eugene. Seriously, home values are still steady and home inventory here is 2-3 months. That means that if no other houses go on the market, the housing inventory in our town will be depleted in less than eight weeks!

Things have loosened somewhat in 2017, but many homeowners are digging in, not ready to sell or move on quite yet, and that’s making our housing market very tight. First-time home buyers are really feeling the pinch. These buyers typically have less available to invest in a home, and with inventory so low here, they just aren’t seeing a lot of chances to become home owners.

Median priced homes are the hottest properties right now, so if your fits this description, you should think hard about selling now. Here are a few more reasons to consider selling now:

Buyers Are Jumping on Listings Within Seconds!

It’s still a great time to sell your home in Eugene right now and you will have to do little to prepare it for sale. Indeed, simply listing your home will likely have your realtor’s phone immediately ringing off the hook. Determined buyers are visiting every open house, desperately trying to get their bid in first. The decrease in for-sale homes here is 27% and buyers are scrambling to find homes in Lane County.

The Process is Fast!

Because of competition, today’s buyers come prepared to buy. In order to stand out from the crowd, many are pre-approved for mortgage financing. Not waiting around to see if a buyer can really afford the bid they’ve made streamlines the entire selling process.

Low Demand Means You Can Sell for the Price You Want!

Were you one of the home owners who sat on your home for a while, hoping to improve your equity after the market plunge a few years ago? If so, now’s the time to reconsider. Home prices are robust, and homes are in dire shortage in Eugene. That means it’s still a seller’s market here, and that puts you in a strong spot as a homeowner.

Mortgage Rates are Still Low!

If you’re wondering whether it’s still a great time to sell your home in Eugene, think ahead to when you buy your next home. Inflation is still relatively low, and this is keeping mortgage rates down. That’s good news to anyone buying a home. If you’re thinking about moving up, you’ll want a low rate for your next home. Selling now gives you the funds to move up or over, either with a good mortgage rate in your pocket.

Jobs Markets are Strong!

A healthy job market means consumer confidence and that means it will spur people to keep buying. When consumer confidence is strong, consumers buy big items like houses and cars and then all the things that go along with both.

There’s no better time than now to sell your home!

The market is hot and someone out there is ready to buy your house! What are you waiting for? It’s still a great time to sell your home in Eugene!